Amyl Guard

  • Amyl Guard blocks the production of amylase enzymes,
  • helps users lose fat and prevent muscle loss,
  • stimulates metabolism,
  • supports digestion and detoxification,
  • increases energy levels
  • suppresses food cravings


Nutraville’s Amyl Guard is an Amylase inhibitor supplement.

Complex carbohydrates are typically broken down by the body into smaller sugars, which are then transformed into fats and stored in difficult-to-break-down fatty layers.

Amylase is the enzyme responsible for breaking down carbs into sugars, which are then stored as fats. Amyl Guard prevents this process; therefore, complex carbohydrates don’t break down and come out unused so, this supplement stops carbs from turning into fat-storing sugars in the first place, before they have a chance to be stored as fat.

Its weight loss powerful formulation contains white kidney beans, which allow for starch enzyme neutralization. Kidney beans contain compounds that inhibit amylase action and prevent starch digestion. All the extra calories go undigested and are excreted from the body.



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